About me

Hi, I’m Vlad!


I’m on Github, Twitter and Keybase.

You can get in touch at totally-not-spam-like-I-pinky-swear@vladionescu.me and you can encrypt emails with the keys you find on Keybase.

Personal life

I enjoy TV shows( but not Game of Thrones) and movies.

I like finance and reading. I love debating.

I drink cocktails, whiskey and wine — mentioned here in order of discovery. Tea, orange or pineapple juice, and lemon water are perfect too.

I enjoy home automation and @internetofshit.

I admire art and beauty.

Tech and work

I do IT consulting; more specifically I help companies implement DevOps practices, architect their infrastructure and applications to support growth, and I provide training.

I fast-forward the learning process while helping avoid mistakes. I work with project managers, business analysts, developers and testers to foster actual collaboration which drastically lowers delivery time.

I am proficient with C++ and I have a special draw to Ruby, but I have experience with several languages including Java( so many tools), Python( can’t deny the libraries and support), Haskell( ah, functional programming), SQL and PL/SQL( you can do so much with a classic, relational database), C# and .NET( Core is a good step in the right direction but a slow and small one), Rails, and of course Go.

I write JavaScript with a deep sense of hate and I eagerly wait for WebAssembly to mature.

I’ve been exposed to Assembly and PHP too.

Buzzwords: AWS, GCP, Azure; Packer, Terraform, still iffy on Spinnaker; Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins; Serverless; Selenium, Cucumber; ELK/ EFK, Prometheus, OpenTracing.

I’m always open to hear about new projects or opportunities. Especially interested in playing with Alibaba Cloud, OpenWhisk and serverless/ FaaS-only products.